Christian Martin is a speculative fiction writer who lives in Los Angeles. A few of his favorite things include the color purple, space, and 1980s pop culture. 

Christian was born in Louisiana but moved away at a young age. He went from New Jersey to Mississippi to Colorado and to Texas, then returned to Louisiana as an adult. He lived there in New Orleans for 5 years before moving to Los Angeles.

Science fiction is Christian's passion, although he also writes fantasy when the mood strikes him. The first story he can remember writing as a kid was Mega Man fanfiction. Now he does his best to write exciting original stories featuring diverse characters. 

Christian is currently working on his first novel, a YA cyberpunk thriller called Static Breaker. He’s been published in the literary magazine Tales of the Talisman and the Twitter eZine Nanoism.

Christian has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Texas at El Paso.