Saturday, June 16, 2018

Technology (and Relationship) Goals

"Damn. Another's broken."
"You're shitting me. Where?"
"Down here." Ethan stood and waved his hand high so she could see over the rows of solar panels. She jogged over and saw the support bracket cracked nearly all the way through. It was the third damaged one they'd found, but in the worst shape so far.
Ara groaned. "Fuck me in half and set me on fire."
"Is that necessary?"
"I don't need your language policing shit right now. This is serious. All the broken brackets are from the last print. If our new blueprint has some fatal flaw, it means all motherfucking thirty-three supports from that run are fucking fucked!"
Ethan crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Calm down. We're getting that new shipment of alloy beads tomorrow. We'll print a new run and replace them."
"But that'll use up over half the shipment." Ara kicked gravel, sending rocks pinging off the surrounding solar panels. "Shit!"
"Ara, stop it. You’re seriously acting like a child. These panels provide power to the whole stead. What could be more important than using those beads to maintain them?"
Ara rounded on him. "Maybe you, asshole!"
"Instead of spending all day tomorrow—YOUR BIRTHDAY—replacing shitty panel struts, I was planning on using those beads to print a new shed for you that we could make TOGETHER and turn into that game room you've always wanted."
Ethan's arms dropped to his sides. "Oh."
"I spent the last three weeks secretly making a custom arcade cabinet for you. It's loaded with all your favorite games. Starfox 64, Diddy Kong Racing—stupid crap like that."
"Wow. I had no idea."
"Yeah, that was kinda the idea, Shit Lord."
"Fucking hell, Ara, I'm sorry."
She scrunched up her face and made a whiney voice. "Is that language necessary, Ethan?" Then she turned and walked off.
"I love you, honey," Ethan called after her.
"Love you too." She held up her middle finger.