Sunday, July 9, 2017

Static Breaker Returns

When I was seventeen years old I moved to a cozy town nestled in the mountains of Colorado. The tiny school there had less than twenty students its the entire 11th grade, but it was also where I took my first proper Creative Writing class. I started writing a series called End File for an assignment.
I'd written some short stories and poetry up to that point, but decided to try something different. I wanted to write a series of episodic stories that felt like a television show. Each part needed to be easy for me to write and easy for readers to digest quickly. I posted the episodes to my DeviantArt page.
It went well for a while, but by the time I had completed a handful of episodes, I'd lost momentum and moved on to the next hot idea. I never forgot about End File, though, and would come back to it every now and again. About ten years passed in which I worked on it sporadically. Along the way I switched the name from End File to Static Breaker and created a separate website for the series: The episodic structure changed into a more traditional chapter structure.
Last year I decided that enough was enough. I needed to focus on Static Breaker and not stop until the first book was finished. I stuck to it, and I’m nearly done.
I’m also writing a collection of Static Breaker prequel stories that will be posted on other cool places across the internet. The first story, Dem’s Hunt, is already online. You can read it at Bard Constantine’s site here. In Dem's Hunt, which takes place over a year before Static Breaker begins, Dem gets a cryptic message from a friend who's gone missing. She embarks on a mission to figure out what happened to him.
There are three more prequel stories coming too, each focusing on a different supporting character. There will be one for Bō, one for Marcos, and one for Leana. Each one covers an important event in the characters' lives.
I'll be posting updates here as the finale to Static Breaker: Book One approaches. Keep an eye out; the next prequel story should be up soon.

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